Brown provides engineering, surveying and construction management services that can be used by construction professionals to solve problems arising from the complexity of planning, zoning, permitting, modeling, technology and environmental issues.

Land Surveying

Brown’s commitment to land and construction surveying is at the core of the company’s policy of making every project a success. Survey information acquired for design or established in the field is fundamental in producing accurate descriptions of property or construction control. Brown utilizes the latest technology from lasers to global positioning systems (GPS).

Civil Engineering

Brown’s engineering team brings a vast amount of experience to every project. We are experienced in site and road design, septic designs, drainage and utilities.  The additional company resource of surveying and construction management gives Brown the advantage over our competition, because we are equipped to manage your project from concept to completion.

Commercial & Residential Services

The engineering team at Brown brings extensive experience to all commercial and residential projects. At Brown the engineering of projects does not begin or end with permitting. The engineers at Brown are committed to design projects that are cost effective, safe, attractive and a source of pride to both the developer and the homeowner.

Municipal Services

Brown offers a variety of municipal services from engineering peer review to the design of culvert replacement, sidewalks, water lines, intersection realignments, and athletic fields. Our experience with the unique needs of small towns sets us apart from the average municipal engineering firm.

Construction Engineering

To ensure the highest quality in project development, Brown continues its pledge to assure the projects success by offering construction related engineering services.


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